Welcome to the Toronto Float Homes

The float home community, located in the beautiful Scarborough Bluffs, is the only one of it’s kind in Ontario, Canada. This very rare community of 24 float homes at the end of Brimley Rd South in Scarborough. It is nestled in a protected cove on Lake Ontario, that is only 15 minutes away from downtown Toronto.


With its close proximity to Toronto, the sounds of the city are blocked by the bluffs, this natural buffer also protects the wildlife. It is common to see trumpeter swans, beavers, deer, turtles, salmon and even mink here.

Not to be mistaken with houseboats or boat houses, float homes are full-time, year-round residences that are built on floating concrete barges. They are moored to a dock and anchored via a chain structure to the lake bed. There are no motors, nor are they designed to navigate. Float homes share the same luxuries as homes on land with heat, hydro, plumbing, a/c, 9ft ceilings and insulation. In fact, all the float homes at the Scarborough Bluffs were first constructed on land and then pulled by tug boats, from Cherry Beach, to the bluffs. Some of the float home owners even got to take a ride on their new home as they were transported!


Being in this small community feels as if you are in cottage country or on the east or west coast of Canada. The neighbours are friendly, relaxed and share the love of being on the water.

Toronto has embraced float home living along with many other parts of the world such as Vancouver, British Columbia; Sausalito, California; Seattle, Washington; Atlantic City, New Jersey, England, France, Holland, and Italy. Because of the limited number of homes and the unobstructed views of the water and natural beauty, the float home community at the Scarborough Bluffs is considered by many, to be one of the best in the world.


Being situated right in the marina with a white sand beach nearby, there are many opportunities to appreciate nature and enjoy water activities.This unique and relaxing style of living is very alluring to many. Picture waking up to the sounds of seagulls and the reflection of the sunrise on the water or stepping off your deck onto your paddle board or canoe or being visited by the resident swans and water fowl.

After experiencing the relaxation of living on the water, many float home owners never want to leave. This is luxury cottage-living without having to leave the city.